I finally did it!

I have had plans to sew this bag for a few years, tucked into my “to do” list, my dream projects. I just loved the illustrated tutorial and will leave the link to the free tutorial in case anyone stumbles across this post wishing for it. So, what do you think? If you were shopping etsy.com for a satchel type bag, would this bag catch your eye before moving on in your search? I’m already using this bag for my goodies, but I’m still playing with the idea of that shop I never opened on etsy…


I think I’ll just experiment here and see what happens.  I like following blogs…don’t know if I’ll like writing one.  It’s boring to read blogs that have no pics or personal element.

So, I think I’ll post a pic…what to choose…ahh, there it is.  Here is the banner of an Etsy shop that I was going to use to sell bags and purses…haven’t done it yet and don’t know that I really ever will.  Still, I really like the silly graphics because they are bolder than I am and more girly too.  So, I send this out quietly more for me, for fun and maybe to challenge myself just a little…